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Located between the Gümüşlük and Yalıkavak regions of Bodrum, the Fuga Panorama project consisting of 30 villas with individual private swiming pools, car parks and gardens has been designed to offer 12 month year-round living.


Your dreams will become your unforgettable memories

These superb villas come in 3 different unique styles. We have created a brand new world for you in Bodrum,

where the most beautiful bays of the Aegean can be found.

Single Storey

It welcomes you with its magnificent view and refreshing summer wind with
a whole new world surrounding it.

Duplex Type 1

Spacious, spacious and modern Fuga Panorama villas offer you
choose the most suitable villa type from many options.

Duplex Type 2

The doors to the serenity you need are opening.

All Villa Plans

At Metemtur’s latest project Fuga Panorama you will in 2022 be able to experience the stunning views of the sunrise and sunset over the Aegean horizon.
Fuga Panorama where modern architecture meets natural stone work covers an area of ​​13000 m2 looking over the amazing bays between Gümüşlük and Yalıkavak. Established in 1985 and went to the public in 2002, Metemtur continues to develop new projects in Bodrum’s beautiful bays encompasing views of the most breathtaking sights of the Aegean.

All information and images are provided for pre-promotional purposes only, and metemtur reserves the right to make any changes to the project that it deems necessary.

All Fuga Panorama Villas have clear views of the intertwined islands of the Aegean Sea.
Every door will open to the peaceful landscape adorned with bougainvilleas and olive trees.
Your dreams will become your unforgettable, beautiful and peaceful memories.